Beat the wintertime blues with Modatoi!

Those winter nights are drawing in and you feel in need of a lift – why not take a look at Modatoi. With the coming of the colder weather, a priority has to be sorting out our winter footwear. Fortunately boots for the girls have our name written all over them. There are high heels, towering platforms and some more sensible options in between to try out. There are some things you can’t do without in any given season, this year, when it comes to boots, that thing is buckles. Too much of a good thing doesn’t seem to apply in this case, with up to 8 buckles being crammed onto the latest boots. One design to look out for is actually based on newsprint – appropriately enough, given that it’s definitely worth a few column inches in the fashion press.
Now that your feet are sorted out, it’s time to look at the rest of you. Consider Modatoi’s dresses for example. That old favourite, the sweater dress is making a come-back in typical autumn/winter shades of grey, teal and biscuit. As for colours, black is key again in the shape of the ‘little black dress’, but also as a contrast to brighter colours.