– an online gateway into the wonderful world of chocolate

There can’t be many websites that open onto such an Aladdin’s cave of chocolate delights as This maker of luxury Swiss chocolates has been in existence for nearly two centuries now – although obviously its internet site doesn’t date quite that far back! Far more than just an online shop window for its undeniably delicious wares, the site is a showcase for all the ingenuity that has gone into its chocolate production processes. Some techniques and methods are still carefully-guarded secrets. Others, however, are here for all to see. Obviously, regardless of how the chocolate is made, the raw materials that go into the end product remain absolutely crucial.

For example, milk is sourced locally and always used on the day of its delivery. Hazelnuts, another important component, notably in making praline, are imported from Avellino in Italy, where they are of a particularly high quality. Even more important are the cocoa beans that are brought in from around the world, often from farms and cooperatives that have been supplying the company for many years. But what about the results of all this hard work? Well, for a few examples of Maison Cailler’s delicious produce, why not just click here?