There may be light at the end of the tunnel for allergy-sufferers, thanks to DBV-Technologies!

There’s new hope for allergy-sufferers on the horizon with the ongoing development of a cutting-edge way to reduce sensitivity to some of the most common food allergens such as peanuts and cow’s milk. Why not consult this page for an overview of what DBV-Technologies are all about? And for more information on this pioneering firm’s unique approach to allergy diagnosis and treatment in the shape of the Viaskin® patch, the ‘method’ section on the company’s website will tell you all you need to know – just click here. The key to how this revolutionary patch works lies in its condensation chamber. This governs the release of proteins from the patch backing, hydrating the skin effectively at the same time, which makes it easier to deliver the proteins directly to the skin – there’s no pain, no penetration of the blood-skin barrier and the antigen dose delivered can be easily varied from just a few micrograms to hundreds. In terms of the all-important hydration issue, the patch is equally effective regardless of the age, ethnicity or gender of those using it. provides an in-depth look into the technology that makes Viaskin® tick and which will hopefully be instrumental in bringing relief to many allergy sufferers in the years to come.