DBV-Technologies heralds a completely new way of looking at the treatment of allergies

Most of us know somebody who struggles with one or more allergies. From house dust mite to pollen, peanut to cow’s milk, allergies are an unwelcome part of our everyday lives. However, hope is on offer on www.dbv-technologies.com, where you can see some of the progress that’s been made towards finding lasting solutions to some of these allergies.

How the Viaskin® patch works
Source : http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Some people see allergies as merely a bit of a nuisance, but anaphylactic shock, which is characterized as a severe allergic reaction, can actually lead to death. In fact, the danger of triggering anaphylaxis during the treatment of allergies using standard techniques was one of the drivers behind DBV-Technologies’ exploration of Viaskin® patch technology. The patch drastically cuts down on this risk by adopting a non-invasive approach. A special condensation chamber hydrates the skin and releases antigens to the skin. The quantities released may be adjusted as necessary and no adjuvants are needed. The patch can be removed at any time. The basic idea is that as antigens are delivered to the immune system, the body slowly becomes desensitized to the substances in question. This method of treatment is suitable for all ages.