DBV-Technologies – using the epicutaneous immunotherapy approach to give hope to millions!

The DBV Technologies internet site will be of great interest to anyone who wants to find out more about the latest techniques and approaches being tried out to fight some of our most common allergies. The cornerstone of this French-based firm’s strategy is known as epicutaneous immunotherapy, or EPIT for short.

DBV-Technologies Viaskin products are being developed on premises near Paris
Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Taking a completely different approach to traditional allergy treatment methods, which include injections and oral treatments, EPIT is designed to deliver active compounds (i.e. antigens) to the body through the skin, but without breaking the blood-skin barrier. This approach has multiple advantages over its rivals – it is less painful and distressing for young patients, and most of all, it helps reduce the risk of anaphylactic shock during the desensitization process. The antigens are contained in a simple adhesive patch, called the Viaskin patch. These patches are being developed in several different versions, including peanut, cow’s milk protein and house dust mite. If you’d like more information about these products, why not click on the picture below, which will take you directly to the relevant section on the company’s website?