Look to the future with CRM On Demand.

Businesses can react to the current economic situation in two ways – carry on as normal, and fold, or recognize that they need to raise their game. With a little help from CRM on demand expertise from the InFact Group, give your business a real shot in the arm and set yourself on the road to recovery. The InFact Group boasts a tremendous choice of solutions which are designed to make CRM On Demand applications more user-friendly.
However, it doesn’t stop there. If you’re looking for ways of extending CRM functionality to mobile platforms, well, you’ve come to the right place. Products encompass everything from appointment schedulers to RSS Lead Generators. Of course, we all know that getting the most from CRM is about more than the latest technology, it’s also about connecting with established expertise. Oracle CRM Consulting is one of the InFact Group’s core services. Siebel CRM, BI, training and support services, full project management services, scoping – the team has all this at its fingertips.
We are also specialized in Oracle Fusion CRM solutions. This solution delivers multiple advanced options like advanced sales planning and performance management. The Infact Group’s very own migration processes will smooth your migration between systems, making for one less headache to deal with.