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If you’ve got a message to get across to as wide an audience as possible, you may have already discovered that the flip book is a great way to do this. Modern flipbooks are considerably more advanced than even their recent ancestors, with a corresponding increase in the visual impact they can have on your target audiences. Whilst projecting the right look for your product or company is important – and with flash animation, HD images and video this has become even easier – it’s not the only thing you want to take into consideration. Online brochure creation also involves offering consumers more functionality and improved accessibility. It’s important that your material can be viewed on a wide range of media – iPad, iPhone, Android, on websites and social networking sites etc. It’s equally crucial for you to be able to store content in a range of ways, including on DVD and USB stick. You can make this content work harder for you with the help of Google Analytics, which is ideal for gaining a better understanding of how people are using your magazines, catalogues or interactive pdf models. With the right software, none of this need be too complicated – anybody can start producing their own great-looking content!